Common Feng Shui Mistakes

In Feng Shui principle, we want to create a space that drives away the negative energy and gives space for the positive ones to come in. Here, we give you some common Feng Shui mistakes that should be avoided.


1.     Blocked Doors

It’s best to avoid placing anything behind a door that prevents the door from opening at least 90 degrees. it makes it difficult and stressful to walk through that door. On an energetic level, it limits the good energy and opportunities that you can receive. In Feng Shui, main door is being considered as the “mouth of Qi” and must be well kept to welcome positive and wealth energy into the home. Do not litter the area with smelly shoes, bags, rubbish bin, dirty stained floor mat and other clutter.


2.     Over use of mirrors

The biggest mistake that is often made is in placing a mirror directly across from the doors, especially from the front door. It bounces positive energy right out the front door the moment it attempts to enter. Position them only at good locations and avoid placing at certain area that can cause bad Feng Shui.


3.     Dried, Dying, or Sick Flowers and Plants

Plants that are dead with wilted flowers are no longer living, so they do not offer any life energy. They represent bad energy / Qi so it is better to remove them from your house. It would be better to have lively and healthy plants but you must take good care of them. Also, we should avoid putting plants that have sharp leaves or needles like cactus in the house.


4.     Broken items

When an item is broken, the energy is changed and is no longer bringing you positive energy. Broken items draw broken things and people to you. If you cannot fix or repair it, release it and bring in something new.


5.     Not having enough lighting

Light is an absolute necessity! Lights play the important role of “activating” energy present in the many different areas of a house. If there is not enough sunlight coming from the windows, add more lighting to the house. You should also consider painting the wall white so it looks clean and doesn’t make the house like a dark hole.


6.     Wrong Bed Placement

The bed is a critical Feng Shui consideration because this is where we rest and regenerate for the next day. It’s also where we are the most vulnerable. Some people place their beds coming directly in line with the door. You should avoid placing the bed like this as the rush of energy from the doorway would make your energy unstable while you sleep.


7.     Cluttering the space

Nobody likes clutter. However, many homes remain a mess simply due to laziness. From a Feng Shui perspective, clutter is a huge source of bad energy. It blocks the positive energy flow and accumulate the negative energies.


8.     Windows that allow airflow straight through the house

Because of air circulation, sometimes homeowners open their windows on both sides of the house to allow the wind to enter and leave directly. However, it is bad Feng Shui, it makes the energy flow too fast and unstable. In such case, positive energy cannot be kept in the house. To fix this, do not allow both windows to open at the same time.

Have Questions? Consult a Feng Shui Professional

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