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Taichi Private Class

Taichi Private Class

The following courses are available for private classes. Instructors can be arranged to provide onsite or online classes. Taichi class content would be tailor-made to meet the needs of students. Please contact us for enquiries and make an appointment for a trial class.


Private class starting at £50up /hour (trial class is welcome)

Traditional Chen Style Old Series One, Traditional Yang Style Taichi 85 Form, Wu Style Taichi Basics 5 Form, full series 119 Form


Taichi weapon: Including Taichi Sabre, Taichi Sword, Taichi Spear/ long stick


Baduanjin Qigong Class, Taichi Qigong Class, Meditation Qigong Class


Taichi skill training exercises, Taichi Push Hands, Taichi Sanshou (sparring)


Self-defence class 

The class will teach the basic concepts and principles of self-defence, methods and strategy of self-defence in different situations and scenarios. Since Taichi focuses on softness and rigidity, not using brute force, it is suitable for both men and women.


Anti-falling Taichi 10Form

The Hong Kong Hospital Authority selected ten movements of Taichi and compiled Anti-fall Taichi 10 form, which is suitable for the elderly.


New Style Taichi 24 Form

Based on the traditional Yang-style Taichi, it is simplified and shortened. It contains the basic movements of Yang-style Taichi.