Taichi Pushing Hands

Taichi Pushing Hands

Taichi's pushing hands exercise is a type of training that requires two people to practice. It helps students understand the basics of Taichi's hand forms by using them to deflect incoming force. Through repeated training, it will enhance our ability to read the opponents' movement to anticipate attacks and improve our bodies' reflex and balancing.  

Types of Pushing Hands

Fixed step pushing hands

1. Single hand pushing hands

2. 4 corners pushing hands

3. Peng, Lu, Ji, An

4. Two hands pushing hands

5. Free style pushing hands

Moving step pushing hands

1. 7 Stars Step

2. 9 Palace Step

3. Free style pushing hands

Private Lesson: Private Lesson: £50/ hr (1 on 1) , £60/hr (1 on 2) , £70/ hr (1 on 3-5) , £80/ hr (1 on 6-8)