I can highly recommend Master Raymond Wun to anyone interested in exploring the art of Tai Chi and Qi Gong. I have found his guidance and knowledge to be a great accompaniment to my own meditation practice and would recommend his classes to those interested in cultivating inner-peace and harmony.

Mike Kewley, Mindfulness Teacher
Isle of Man

Going to Raymond’s Tai Chi class is a highlight to my week. Over the 18 months I’ve attended, I have found physical flexibility, better balance and great delight in learning the beautiful moves involved in the Square form and now moving into the flow of the Circular form. Raymond’s teaching is detailed and imbued with a depth of wisdom that only comes with Mastery. It’s also a great deal of fun! I love it. 

Christine Collister
Isle of Man

I was lucky to find in Raymond everything you hope for in a seasoned teacher: accomodating patience, rock-solid knowledge, and a no-compromise stance towards the foundations of this art. His attention to detail, eagerness to find ways to help you progress and improve, and his experience helping people realise the martial and health aspects of this ancient art, are a rare gem in the often hazy world of Tai Chi. Whether you are looking to improve your current skills, or just found this and are curious about what Tai Chi can bring into your life, look no further: he is the real deal. 

Alex Pertusa

I started learning Taichi from Raymond since I was a beginner. Raymond not only teach me the proper form of Taichi, but also the applications of the moves and self-defense technique. His way of teaching is excellent, I strongly recommend him to everyone. 

Paul Lau
Hong Kong (Certified Taichi Instructor, Push Hands Champion - 2021 Hong Kong Taichi Observation Competition)

Master Wun, my Taichi Chuan Master since 2010, is an excellent expert and trainer in Taichi, Baduanjin, Feng Shui and Zen meditation. His is not only having fruitful experience in coaching, but full of wisdom in the philosophy of Taoism and Buddhism. 

Apart from his brilliant in the field of Taichi, he is also full of compassion & enthusiasm in coaching his students. He is also my life coach and Feng Shui consultant as well. I am full of gratitude that having the opportunity to know Master Wun & being a student of him in Chen’s style Taichi Chuan. If you want to find a good Taichi Master, I highly recommend Master Wun to you.

Irene Law
Hong Kong

Raymond had a very thorough way of teaching. I was able to get a printed exercise list of all the moves, their orders, and the breathing rhythm that accompanies it. For each set, he would highlight the application of certain moves (where the distribution of weight on a certain leg would warrant much more stability and opportunity to counter an attack). After each set Raymond would correct my form and make sure I was relaxing and breathing. Then we put all four sets together and I had a full exercise! Overall, I was so excited to learn, and the experience was better than I could have hoped for. Not only did I learn a tremendous amount and feel like I did well, but the courtesy and mastery my instructor showed made it an unforgettable experience. Thank you!!!

Kirsten Reid
United States

Practising tai chi with Raymond is a very highly recommendable experience : he is a very careful and precise teacher and he seems to have a true passion for martial arts. He teaches tai chi movements but also gives a lot of explanations useful for beginners as well as for people more advanced: an interesting experience!

Isabelle Guary

The Taichi class was very fun and certainly was a new experience for us. Raymond was really open-minded and humble. He did not only teach us the Taichi movements, but also told us about the background and principal of Taichi. We were actually enjoying the lesson and now we’re interested more to learn Taichi in the future.
Thank you very much Raymond.


This experience was very interesting and educational. We’ve known many things about tai chi. One is that tai chi not only for elder people, it is for younger people who must do. We enjoyed every minute of tai chi. Thank you Raymond.

Nazira Nazyrova

Raymond is absolutely amazing! He is truly a master at Tai-Chi. I learned so much from him in such a short time. He made the class fun, engaging, and informative. I have a long way to go before I am a Master, but after todays class I have a renewed respect for Tai-Chi and will be forever grateful for all that I gained today with Raymond!

Antanina Hudson
Guangzhou, China